Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Burlexxx (1984)

Speaking of buslesque so much in my previous entry made me want to watch this movie. In fact it's hard to present it as a film since it's mostly a 80 minutes burlesque show. Of course it does not compare to those you could have seen through the Something Weird Video dvds, but it has the same quality and the same defects they have. I'll start with the positive: the sketchs are fun and contain the usual innuendo of this kind of humor (the first one with Bobby Astyr really made me laugh, but Astyr is a funny guy), the penises wrestling match between Astyr and Ron Jeremy is funny and sure bizarre and the Samantha Fox's striptease act is nice although a little short. But I could do without Jeremy as the master of ceremony (I don't find him funny at all), the recreation of the Lili St. Cyr's act (the on-stage bubble bath) by Dixi Dew and the George Payne's two scenes taking place during the spectacle which has the effect of breaking the flow of the burlesque show. A pleasant entertainment, but nothing particularly memorable ... Oh yes I forgot. Like all good burlesque show there is a female impersonator ...

This film is not currently available on dvd.

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