Saturday, April 3, 2021

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Mark (Mark Zane), a politician, is on a way to an easy election win until he got a message on his phone that could ruin everything... 

Mark Zane

He had an extramarital affair and a journalist with the photographic evidences is ready to go public with this, a news like this would reduce is victory chances to zero. When his wife come back home he tells her everything, she don't care about the adventure but the political results of the news is another story.

Evelyn Claire

She's the one who had created her husband image and worked very hard to get him elected, so she won't let a journalist reduces all her work to nothing. First thing first, go meet him to discuss about this. She tries to purchase his silence with a position in the campaign, but being an adult feature we know that it won't be enough and that his silence will have to be paid sexually...

Codey Steele

This short directed by Joanna Angel was really interesting. Firstly for being a good representation of the dirty side of the political game (even at the student level in which I was involved it was) and secondly for being different from the typical Pure Taboo production... it's the woman character who is control not the men. The huge positive on the screen is the lightning, seriously I love how the natural light is use for the scene between Evelyn Claire and Codey Steele... the shadows and the low lightning is so sexy! Evelyn Claire is very good in her role and she is the one who shine in the production, Codey Steele is fine too but just like Mark Zane he is mostly a tool in Evelyn's lust for power. Obviously this one get my seal of approval.

At the time of my writing the film is exclusive on the Adult time and Pure Taboo streaming services, but it will certainly got a wide release on VOD at a later date paired with something else as Pure Taboo usually does. 

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