Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Exit 118 (2019)


After some years in the city Mandy (Abella Danger) returns at the trailer park she grown up at when things didn't turn as well as she thought they would.

Abella Danger

It doesn't take long after her arrival to reunite with her childhood friend Melanie (Kristen Scott). They talk for a while in Melanie's family trailer and things are on the way to get hotter until Daisy, Melanie's mother, shows up.

And Daisy (Reagan Foxx) is less than happy to see them together since she thinks Mandy is corrupting her daughter. She asks her to stay for a talk who is mostly one side blaming in which Mandy is accused of many things. After a while the talk became actions, but all this won't prevent Daisy to kick Mandy out not only from the trailer but also from Melanie's life. 

Melanie's take the news very well since she had no idea about what happened behind the scene. So she will get her "revenge" for what Mandy did using her ex-boyfriend to get even.

Alex Jones

Meanwhile Mandy hitchhike a ride to the city with Dale (Scott Nails), but he must goes at his house first to pick something. While she is waiting she sees a picture of Melanie and she learns that Dale is in fact the father of her friend.

Scott Nails

She tells Dale that his daughter need his help quitting the park to get a better life. He is fine to help but as we know everything as a price, obviously you have an idea what's coming...  After the deed is done Dale starts acting like a prick and kinda kick Mandy out. She calls Melanie to tell her to pack her bags, tells nobody and that she will meet her in the city... but will Dale keep his end of the deal.

Reagan Foxx

For a first, at least I think it is, directorial effort Lena Paul did a fine job, the film have some flaws but this isn't really her fault. The story is interesting and the cast is fine, weird that some told me previously that Abella Danger wasn't a good actress but it's the second time I saw her leading a film and both times her acting was perfectly acceptable. You know already that Kristen Scott is the reason why I have started watching modern adult cinema a year or so ago and she was as great as she always is in this film. I like Reagan Foxx too in her overprotective but not too stable mother role.

My problem with the film is how it's edited, in typical Digital Playground fashion it's a multi-parts series (after three times the end credits become annoying) and you get the feeling that the script is an excuse to go from one sex scene to another. Not that it is a bad thing for most people, but this story could have been developed much better.  

uncredited Alex Ladd

Don't take my format complaining as a non buy warning since the film was enjoyable, not film of the year award material but a nice way to spend 90 minutes in front of your screen.

You can stream the film in three episodes if you have a Digital Playground account, if not you can buy it on DVD or VOD from your usual online store.

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  1. Abella Danger wasn't a strong actress when she first broke in (at least in my opinion), but she wasn't really in things that gave someone room to play a character either so that wasn't her fault. She's been around for a few years now and she's grown as a performer to match her amazing charisma and screen presence which was never in doubt in my mind.