Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Swipe Right (2020)


Erika (Bunny Colby) who is in a relationship with Patrick (Ryan McLane) give him an ultimatum: They move in together or she move on. He isn't that much interested by the idea since he was previously in a seven years marriage that ended by a divorce.

Bunny Colby and Ryan McLane

Erika's ultimatum doesn't work one bit and they decide to go somewhere else to see if the grass is greener, to do so they will enter in the dating app world with more or less success.

Bella Rolland

To be honest we have seen this story before, it's pretty much a by the book chick flick: A couple break-up, they start dating other people and they realize they were better before. Now that doesn't mean that it isn't enjoyable since some encounters are quite funny... wait until Britney moves with Patrick, he sure catch a psycho.

Britney Amber

The acting was fine and I really think that Bella Rolland should do more features, her screen presence is incredible and she can act. Britney Amber is funny too in her date from hell casting and Bunny Colby / Ryan McLane make a believable couple. For once the Wicked protection policy works fine with the story (except for the last act where it doesn't make sense).  Anyway it's a Mike Quasar film so you know what to expect and you know that it will worth your time.

Victoria Voxxx and Lucas Frost

Obviously this isn't the most extreme film sexually speaking since it's all regular sex (not even a girl girl scene), but this is the perfect type of film to watch with your partner to show that adult cinema isn't all anal gangbang and water sport (yeah I watch East European production sometimes...). Now I wouldn't go with a purchase, renting is fine with that genre of cinema since it doesn't really have a rewatch value.

If you have a streaming account like me with Wicked Pictures that buy / rent dilemma doesn't exist since you can watch and rewatch a film as much as you want to...

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