Thursday, April 22, 2021

Gray Area


Scarlet (Dixie Lynn) and Charlene (Goldie Glock) are at the end of their night shift at the coffee shop (seen previously in No Regrets) they work at. The place is empty except for Gray (Tyler Nixon) a musician who is there for the open mike evening.

Tyler Nixon

The musician caught the attention of Scarlet and she decides to go talk with him right after his performance. One thing leads to another and he convinces her to came with him at his apartment for a sign copy of his first album, it's a blank CD-R but to be honest Scarlet seems quite gullible.

Dixie Lynn

He learns that Scarlet have a boyfriend but on the other hand she's a virgin too, so he tells her that he will dedicate his next album to her if she gave him some inspirations... you know where it's going of course.

Goldie Glock

Honestly there aren't much to say about this one... the scenario isn't that great and for a Pure Taboo scene this is below average, not that it is bad per se but I expect more than a vanilla sex scene with no real story from them. On the other hand I was glad to see Tyler Nixon and Dixie Lynn, even if she forgot that she was supposed to be a virgin, plays the naive groupie role perfectly and she is certainly a beautiful blonde.

Not something I'd call essential or a must see but if you have a Pure Taboo / Adult Time streaming account it isn't like you pay to watch each scenes, so it worth a try at least for the cast...

Next week scene should be better...

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