Wednesday, December 2, 2020

iLove (2019)


Last film in my AVN Awards special, this time a couple movie directed by Mike Quasar.

Van Wylde and Karla Kush

Tommy with his partner Lina just launch a revolutionary dating app with an extraordinary matching algorithm that beats all the other applications on the market. A predatory company (it's hard to not thing Google here) wants to buy them for almost nothing before they realized what golden mine they have created.

Tommy Pistol and India Summer

Will they sell? Will Tommy sail the seven seas until the end of his life with his high school love? The end will tell...

Alexis Fawx

Why this film got a film of the year nomination is a complete mystery for me, not that it's a bad movie but there are nothing special or distinctive about it... just a film that you watch to spend two hours when you have nothing to do but that you forgot fast.

I appreciate the fact that Alexis Fawx and India Summer were part of the cast, I'm not that young so I'm happy when actresses who are just some years younger than me played a real part in a movie. Tommy Pistol is reliable as he always is, so no complaint here. On the other hand the conclusion is quite obvious from the start and the young actresses did nothing for me, but of course it's a question of taste.

Ryan McLane and Kenzie Taylor

Not really a must buy, but it certainly worth a rent and if you are a member of the Wicked Pictures streaming channel it's even better since you won't have to pay to watch it... except for your monthly fee of course.

2021 AVN Awards nominations

Nominee: Best Leading Actor, Tommy Pistol
Nominee: Best Screenplay - Drama
Nominee: Grand Reel

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