Thursday, December 24, 2020

An AHL Christmas Story (2019)


It's Christmas Eve so nothing more natural than watching Christmas movie, so why not review a short AllHerLuv production directed by Whitney Wright for the occasion.

Adira Allure and Dana Wolf

It's Christmas and Dana receives a SMS from her boyfriend, a break-up text which is certainly a shitty and coward way to do it. She doesn't take it too well, but her friend Adira will convince her to celebrate together and have fun. Dana's mood get better and they go in front of the fireplace for the traditional gifts exchange.

They go through the gifts under the Christmas tree until they fell on gift from Dana's ex-boyfriend, a sexy game of truth or dare, they decide to play and slowly but surely the game leads to lesbian sex. When it's over Dana ask Adira to promise that what they did will never get between their friendship.


I always like the films release by AllHerLuv and this one is no exception. Just a sweet and erotic lesbian encounter between two friends without going to the extremes of many modern productions of that genre. You feel the love between the two characters who show us that women don't need strap-on to please each others, just some caress and licking is more than enough to do an erotic and realist scene between women. Of course the fact that Dana Wolf is drop dead gorgeous is a big plus.

With a running time of just 45 minutes the feature doesn't have time to wore out its welcome and Whitney Wright was able to direct something very enjoyable with a good story in that short time, which is a sign of quality for a director.

Obviously I recommend this one, even if it's a short film it really worth a purchase...

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