Monday, November 11, 2019

Nightlife (1982)

Joanna (Bridgette Monet) is torn between her work as a high class hooker and her boyfriend (David Cannon) and this is pretty much it.

Bridgette Monet
Not much to say about this one since there aren't any real storyline and it's mostly an excuse to string a series of sex scenes together. Not that there is anything wrong with this and, to be honest, many of the scenes are fun like the police bust at the porn film shooting or weird like the trapeze scene between Mike Horner and Ginger (no, not that Ginger...).

Jesse Adams and Herschel Savage
But like most films with Bridgette Monet you know that she will be only with David Cannon and after a while that become "tiresome", not that there is something wrong with being exclusive on the screen (Francois Papillon and Kascha were and it was ok) but it's kind of weird when the guy in the couple continue to share the screen with other actresses.

At least the film have a good cast and well shot (a lot of cool nighttime scenery)... no one is credited for the photography but it's obvious that Ken Gibb didn't only took the directing chair but was the camera operator too.

Loni Sanders and Gail Sterling
Honey Wilder with a bad wig
The film is enjoyable, but I wouldn't call it an essential viewing.

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