Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Love Making U.S.A. (1971)

We are in 1971 so guess what it is... yes, it's another white-coater. This one ask the question, what is love?

That creepy guy is here to tell us
As usual we have a mix of new and not so new materials. Some of it working well like the complete version of A Free Ride a stag film from 1915 or the segment about Gay-Inn III who is probably the best moment of this pseudo-documentary (too bad the sound is so bad). 

On the other hand there are boring moment like the filming of the adult film, not that it's bad per se but the interviewer is so annoying (he asked his questions to the performers while they perform... who the hell does that? 

We get a lesson about woman sexuality and how they reach pleasure... but to be honest it's an excuse to show a woman, Patti Snyder, masturbating.

Also we get a John Holmes loop in this.

Nothing groundbreaking and to be honest I have seen many white-coaters better than this, so I wouldn't call this an essential viewing.

No director credited but I have a feeling that it was made by Joseph F. Robertson before he officially did the jump from softcore to hardcore.

Robertson at the Gay-in bashing the event (which is make-believe)

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