Friday, December 3, 2021

Sex Game (2021)


More than a year Lea Martini's boyfriend vanished without a trace after playing a mysterious game. She can't get any help from the authorities since they don't believe her, so she has no choice and must get into the next game. The rules are simple, you play kids games with a sexual twist of course and the participants are eliminated gradually until only one left standing.

The inspiration for this one is obvious, unless you live in a cave without internet and you don't since you read this, it's Squid Game without the killing. They did a good job recreating the series on a smaller scale, obviously the games aren't as spectacular and one is repeated twice.

Being a French production there is two things you can expect... anal sex and threesome, but contrary to a label I dislike, Legal Porno to name it, this is done with taste and not like a garbage freak show. The film has six sex scenes and all except the last one are group scene... no complaint here since as expected the sex is hot as it is usually the case with Jacquie et Michel ELITE. Sadly at least for me there is no real lesbian action (I don't count three girls and one guy as one).  

Visually the film look great, I really like the camera works during the hopscotch game where the clothes colors changed between the zoom in and the zoom out because of the light used to lit the action. On the acting side there aren't much to report since there aren't much dialogues, Rose Daniel is the only actress who need to act and she does a good job. If you are familiar with the french industry you already know why one actress lead the movie... she's the only native french speaker in an international cast.

The film isn't perfect, some characters vanish with no explanation by example David Perry who isn't eliminated but is nowhere to be seen after his scene in the dormitory with Sarah Sultry and Kristof Cale. Another problem who is more important for the story is the revelation of the game master identity too early because the conclusion isn't a surprise anymore.

Even with those small negatives the film was enjoyable and certainly worth a watch. Like I said the film isn't english friendly but don't let this fact preventing you to watch it since the story isn't that complicated to understand and there isn't that much dialogue. The film was released yesterday so at this time there are only two way to watch it: being a member of the Jacquie et Michel ELITE streaming service or, like I did, buying the VOD from them. Normally their films are release at large after a while and you can buy it from any stores on video on demand, even better they are usually part of some websites member streaming option (by example they are part of the package I get with Gamelink Unlimited). So your choice depend of if you want to see it now or if you want to wait a month or more (I guess).

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