Monday, December 27, 2021

A Missa Xmas (2021)


As we know all good things must come to an end... no, not my blog I have fun doing it, but the Holiday special week. Why not ending the special with the latest Christmas movie from my favorite director?

Tommy Pistol

There aren't a better occasion to welcome the family than the Holiday which is why Larry (Tommy Pistol) and Cathy (Rachael Cavalli) have invited their two girls and Cathy's sister for a family dinner. First to arrive is Madi (Madi Collins) and her boyfriend (Tyler Cruise), Larry is glad to see his step daughter (yeah this is one of those again but you know my stance on this) but Cathy who started the celebration long ago is way more happy to see Tyler than her daughter and she is quite obvious about it. Later when Tyler opens the wrong door going to the bathroom we see how obvious that attraction was and it's time for Tyler to become a man.

Tyler Cruise and Rachael Cavalli

Cathy and Tyler return at the table for the family diner and something's different (no idea if that was planned or not but it's one of numerous laughs I had watching). Tyler lucky streak with Madi's family isn't over yet since Aunt Polly (Aiden Ashley) now have him on her sight and she brings him in the kitchen to help her (yeah sure).

Tyler Nixon and Aiden Ashley

Tyler try his best to keep Polly quiet while they are busy in the kitchen but it's all in vain as Madi hears everything and she doesn't take it lightly to say the least. She storms in her room and Larry follows his daughter to comfort her. Madi have a complete breakdown over everything that happened with Tyler, Larry try his best to cheer her up but it isn't easy as Madi is convince that something is wrong with her. After a while he successfully calm her and she ask her father to fuck her! Larry say that he can't and the tears are back... of course you know that it will happen no matter what.

Madi Collins

Madi left the house after which is understandable since Christmas is ruined for her. Back at the table Billy (Dante Colle), Polly's boyfriend is the only one there. Larry and him talk (kind of) a bit, Lisa (Jane Wilde) the second daughter join them and decides that it's time for them to stop brooding asking her father to play Santa Claus. She tells him what she wants for Christmas and Larry is shock, so you can guess what it is. 

Jane Wilde

The story ends in the living room and we get the payoff of Billy running gag.

Rachael Cavalli, Tyler Nixon, Aiden Ashley, Tommy Pistol and Jane Wilde

Ricky Greenwood really surpassed himself with this feature... seriously that was amazing. It was fun (I lost count of how many times I laugh out loud) and very well written by Maddy Burton. Really what's not to like? Tommy Pistol showed once again that he is one of the best in the adult film history, Aiden Ashley is so fucking beautiful in that red dress, Rachael Cavalli is one of the hottest mature woman of this era, Jane Wilde is Jane Wilde (by the way what happened with her heart tattoo?), Dante Colle is a great talent whatever the haters can say and we get someone new (Madi Collins, a beautiful redhead with a pale skin). I guess you're curious about the sex? Great from beginning to end... wait for the last act, really I usually hate anal sex and I was amazed by the sexual vibe and Jane performance (if anal and DP were always like this you wouldn't hear me complain about them).

Dante Colle

You can bet your house that I recommend this film that it is just perfect. For now it is just available via the MissaX streaming service and MissaX on demand, but it should be available everywhere soon and when it will be follow my advice and buy the film... even if Christmas is over you won't regret your purchase one bit.

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