Tuesday, November 9, 2021

You've Been Avoiding Me! (2021)


Time for the most recent Girlsway scene from the Anatomik Media team... you know that I love girl girl scene more than anything else.

Bunny is relaxing at home when her friend Skylar storms inside and starts confronting her. She wants to know why Bunny is avoiding her, she doesn't really want to answer. After a while Bunny finally tells Skylar why... She gets aroused when they do their bike rides so much that she gets wet, which embarrass her (come on it's a porn scene not Shakespeare). 

Bunny Colby and Skylar Snow

Skylar is glad that the ghosting isn't because of something she would have done without knowing it and she tells Bunny that she has the perfect solution for her problem... obviously you know what is this solution.

Bunny Colby and Skylar Snow

The scene starts greatly with a lot of kissing between Bunny and Skylar but after it's business as usual... not that there is something wrong with this. I can't complain about the actresses since both have beautiful natural breast and I like the little noises that Bunny does every now and then. 

Bunny Colby and Skylar Snow

Nothing groundbreaking or that essential, it worth a watch if you are already a member of Girlsway or Adult Time and you're a fan of the performers but Girlsway had done better than this.

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