Friday, November 5, 2021

Grand Opening (2021)


Short and sweet again today with a Girlsway scene directed by Bryn Pryor with an all-star cast.

Casey Calvert

Today is the grand opening of Casey new coffee house but nobody's coming and she has no idea why. She thinks about what she should do to increase the clientele and she gets an idea...

Maya Woulfe

Finally her first client enter the store and we learn what is that new idea, with the purchase of a coffee you can eat her out and obviously this isn't cannibalism we talking here.

Evelyn Claire

It works great and the clients start coming and waiting in line for their eating turn. Everything is fine for a while but waiting can be annoying so everyone finally jump in the action and it's a free for all girls love festival. 

Alexis Tae

Like I said often I don't need much to be happy with a girls scene, all I want is to see women having a good time and this is what I got here. It's hard to complain when we have favorite like Casey Calvert being in front of the camera and not behind since she mostly direct movies now, Maya Woulfe who in a perfect world should win the Best New Starlet Award at the AVN Awards in January, Evelyn Claire who is in my opinion one of the most beautiful woman working now in the industry and Alexis Tae a beautiful light skin African-American woman I'm less familiar with. Contrary to some recent Girlsway scene the technical work is professional, the cameraman doesn't bother the performers constantly and we don't hear the director talking (seriously I find this so cheap when that happen).

Coffee time

Sure worth a watch a watch if you are a fan of any of the performer and you certainly know already what I will write next... you can watch the scene exclusively at this time on the Girlsway and Adult Time streaming services.

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