Thursday, November 4, 2021

No Chance (2021)

Most recent MixedX scene directed by Christina Shine and as usual this is short and sweet. The story line is simple, Christina Shine is an university professor bringing a book back to one of her student (Vanna Bardot) and after a game of seduction the visit takes a different turn.

Christina Shine

Vanna Bardot

Like I said a very simple script, but MixedX always deliver high quality girls scene and this is why I talk about them here even if I usually do more scripted materials. What I like is the sex since it's traditional lesbian action, nothing over the top just two women enjoying themselves and having a good time. The result is so erotic, arousing and natural when you go this way with two good actresses. I must also mention the great camera works by Zsolt Abraham, he knows how to position himself without interfering in the action that doesn't look like much but a cameraman too intrusive really ruins the illusion. I really hope that with the time the company will start producing longer narrative film since they have a sensual touch that most East European studios don't have.

You can only watch the scene if you are a member of MixedX or Adult Time streaming services.

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