Wednesday, March 17, 2021

You'll Learn To Love Me


Daryl (Derrick Pierce) used to have a great relationship with her daughter, yes I know they use step but I don't, Lena (Maya Woulfe) but as the years pass Lena became more and more distant from her father. One evening after Lena reject his offer to spend some together watching a movie Daryl finds her diary (not that it was that well hidden).

He finally decides to look over his daughter personal thought to see if there is something that could bring back their relation to what is was. He finds something and decides to use this to create a fake online identity for himself to chat with Lena.

Surprisingly the plan works well and they become good friends online (see kids you never know with who you are talking online) until Lena put her hands on Daryl phone and see the conversation between them. Obviously she's not glad, but her father has the upper hand and will use the information he got from the diary to blackmail her into a more intimate father / daughter relationship.

This short feature directed by Casey Calvert was very good as usual just forget about the step tangent since this is just done for the credit card providers who decide now what adults can or can't watch (this is what happen when a government doesn't do its job to protect the Constitution). The way the final is set is realist (pretty much catfish to the extreme) and convey a good warning message: don't trust people blindly online. Both actors did a good job with their character, but Maya Woulfe acting is once again incredible. She stays in character from beginning to end which isn't an easy task since she must convey reluctance and disgust during all the scene duration... can't wait to see her working for a label like MissaX, AllHerLuv or Sweet Sinners in a full length feature film. 

Being relatively new (one week) at the time of my writing this short is only available via the Adult Time and the PureTaboo streaming services, but they usually paired scenes for VOD release so it should show up for sale sooner or later if you don't want to subscribe to their streaming service (but why wouldn't you?). 


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