Friday, March 19, 2021

Rock'n'Sex (2020)


A change of pace from the American movies I review usually, a trip to Europe and more precisely in France with a movie co-directed by Ludovic Dekan and Pascal Lucas.

Kitana Lure

Kitana is the lead singer of a girls band and that band is ready for the major leagues. Like in the real mainstream music industry being talented isn't enough for a breakthrough, but it seems like they get the chance they need when an American big star (Vince Karter) could do a duo with the group... of course there is a ticket to pay first (obviously you know what I meant).

Clara Mia

They do a performance in front of Karter and he is highly interested in doing a musical project with the band. But this isn't everyone who is fine with the direction the future is going, indeed the boyfriend of another member of the band wants her to be the lead singer (to be honest Clara Mia is much better) and he will lock Kitana in the dressing room so she'll miss the after party.

David Perry

Not only she missed the party but she is also angry against the band manager (David Perry) because she thinks he only manipulated her to get in her pants which results in her leaving the band. So this is a big problem since the demo can't be recorded, but this is when the boyfriend's plan is completed since Clara reluctantly agree to sing the song.

Vince Karter and Clara Mia

Karter is so happy with the recording session that he asks Clara to go at Los-Angeles with him and she agrees to do so, leaving the scheming boyfriend alone.

Penelope Cum and Phil Hollyday

This was short and sweet, at 76 minutes it is sure a change from the American movies that are often more than three hours long. As usual with the European movies what we see on the screen is high quality, they put money to do their films and it shows. If you are familiar with how things are done in Europe you won't be surprised to know that the cast came from all over the continent (France, Spain, Italy and Russia). The song the band do isn't too bad and is sing by the actual film performers (Kitana Lure and Clara Mia), but this is far from being a rock song. The scenes are relatively short which is more my taste since five or more 40 minutes sex scenes in a film became boring after a while and you got everything for everybody's taste. Now a big negative for 99.9% of my readers... the film is in french which could be a turn off if you want to follow the dialogue, but this isn't that hard to follow to be honest. If we go more with what was negative for me there are two things: Clara Mia role is sexless and there isn't a girl girl scene.

Valentina Bianco

You can watch the film via the J&M Elite streaming service or you can purchase it from pretty much every adult film store on VOD or watch it for free if you have an unlimited Gamelink account.

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