Friday, March 26, 2021

We Don't Mess Around (2019)

Hard to believe but it's the first Shyla Jennings film I review here... Time to correct this and pick one from my VOD library.

Shyla and Scarlett are two cheerleaders on a sales competition, the duo with the most chocolate sale will win a scholarship in a foreign university... to be honest this is quite a price to win. To do so they have a perfect plan: sell the complete stock they have to the only lesbian in town. Not the most complicated movie ever made, but it's only 35 minutes long.

Scarlett Sage and Shyla Jennings

It's no secret that I prefer girl / girl features which means that I own many releases from Girlfriends Films and we all know who is the star of the label: the woman with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen... the lovely Shyla! 

India Summer

For a short feature this one is quite enjoyable, but to be honest most film from AllHerLuv are. It's funny and they really take the time to set the story line well before starting the scene. The scene is exactly what I love in a girls scene: it's romantic and the performers have a good time, no tools or anal play. It's well shot and like I said the cast had a good time. Now the price could be a negative for some since it's short, but you can get a better one waiting for a sale.

You can buy the VOD from your favorite online store (personally I get mine from Gamelink since my library is watchable on my big screen TV via my unlimited account) or you can stream it on the AllHerLuv streaming channel if you are a member (I could be wrong but I don't think they have a purchase option).

Seriously, it's short but it's one that you really need in your film collection if all girls film is your cup of tea 👍


  1. It is absolutely amazing that Shyla Jennings can still get away with playing a high school cheerleader. Does she ever age???

    India Summer is pretty great, too so I am sure this is wonderful.

    1. Nope she doesn't, I'm a member of her OnlyFan and she always looks as young as she did in Poor Little Shyla.