Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Love Song (2019)


I feel it's time for a movie, so why not take a dive in the Wicked Pictures vault for a film about the music industry...

Ricky is the leader of a young band on the rise and he gets a lot of help and support from his girlfriend Jennifer while waiting for the musical trio to hit the jackpot.

Aiden Ashley and Small Hands

It looks like they finally made it when the band members receive a message from Karen Osborne a well known musical agent who is ready to sign with the band to manage their career.

Joanna Angel

The deal is done on the spot and the next step is to sign the band with a record label, at first the owner isn't interested but Karen knows how to convince Marcus Baker... sending Captain Marvel to seduces him.

Marcus London and Kenzie Taylor

Six months later the band have a CD recorded, a tour planned and some major TV appearances to do. But Jennifer feels that something isn't right when she sees the house that Karen got from Ricky, a house who is way over the money the record sales will bring... you know what's coming if you know your music history.

Kissa Sins and Small Hands

The Ricky Jennifer couple must be broken if Karen wants the complete control, this is what she will do by sending an assistant to charm Ricky while they take a limousine trip to a TV station... the plan works perfectly when the car stop to pick Jennifer to continue the ride. 

Ricky realizing the error he did fell very hard when the reality hit him, he starts drinking and advice Karen that he will leave the band, this is where he realizes how he was played by the agent (many bands could tell the same story). He owes a lot of money, he is stuck in a long term contract and he no longer owns the rights of his musics... 

But don't worry the movie will end on a good note...

Chad Alva and Whitney Wright

That one was really enjoyable since we know that many bands were manipulated and stolen by their management. The cast was also quite credible considering that Small Hands is a real musician, that Aiden Ashley worked many years in the music industry and that Joanna Angel is a business woman. You add some music from Small Hands (to be honest I would have appreciated more music) and you got a hit from Mike Quasar. I just hope that Wicked will continue to make film like this after their purchase by Adult Time.

This one is available on the Wicked Pictures Streaming channel or, if you prefer, on DVD / VOD.

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