Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Future Darkly: Smart House of Horrors


Dylan (Donnie Rock) just got a promotion at his job and a new house come with it, his wife Jessica (Jane Wilde) and him are on their way to meet Mrs. Osiris (Angela White) to visit it.

Jane Wilde and Donnie Rock

The house come with a very special feature, a home virtual assistant to manage the place by itself. The virtual assistant already knows the couple and is wired to feel the young couple needs and desires after a simple electronic procedure.

Angela White

Day after day the system will became more and more intrusive in the couple personal life until she will go to the extreme and lock them in the house because they aren't sexually active enough. Obviously they will crack and call Mrs. Osiris to fix the system, but she too will be locked and they won't have any other choices than doing what the system wants them to do... a sexual threesome with the assistance of Mrs. Osiris.

A very good story of how the technology can take over our life easily, we just need to see how the social medias control the life of some people to know that the situation with the virtual system isn't unrealistic. Again the acting is top notch, I really like how the performers get a real chance to act in those features since there is always a long introduction before starting the sex. Talking of sex I really love the sexual energy that Jane Wilde gives off, a real turn on when you feel that a performer enjoy the moment.  Add some great visual camera works by Matt Holder and a twist ending and you get another winning Bree Mills' features.

As usual you can watch it on the Adult Time streaming service (it's the first episode coming with multi-language subtitle tracks) or on DVD / VOD paired with Don't Panic!

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