Thursday, January 28, 2021

Future Darkly: Pandemic - Laura's Delivery


Time to come back to the Future Darkly series with a brand new season centered around the current pandemic we are living with. 

Laura is isolated at her house under a stay at home order, make sense since it's California and they had a curfew, taking care of her sick husband.

Scarlit Scandal

Her only contact with the outside world is the delivery man who comes each day to bring the mail. Everyday is the same routine, Laura takes care of her husband and rush at her a window to catch a glimpse of the mailman. 

Jake Adams

One day the routine change when Laura frustrated with her obligations open the door and talks with the delivery man. He asks her for a date when the situation will be back to normal, but Laura has other plans and she invites the man inside since both of them are virus free (he is tested everyday and she takes all the necessary precautions to block the infection), but first she must rush at her husband bedroom to bring him water.

With this done they can chat with each other and be intimate, this isn't like you can have much fun in bed when your partner is infected.

After the action we skip to the next day and surprise a different delivery man is at the door. She asks him about Brent (they exchanged their names after the sexual exchange) and she learns that the new driver got the assignment the night before.

This is good first episode about the boring and frustrating feelings brought by the fact of being isolated with only a sick person with nothing else to do than nursing that person. The acting was fine and Scarlit Scandal, who just won the Best New Starlet AVN Award, did an excellent job expressing her frustrations without words. The conclusion is a little bit predictable but that's fine and ending the episode differently wouldn't have made sense considering what happened before Laura and Brent physical meeting. Once again Bree Mills gave us an excellent short story.

At the time of this review the episode is only available on the Adult Time streaming service but the complete series will certainly get a DVD/VOD release in a couple of months.

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