Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Future Darkly: The Love Hotel


A woman wake up from a bath of white liquid, in fact she is the sexbot Unit 30562 and it's a day in her life work. She selects the client via a computer screen who gives the name and request of the client, after she accept one she changes to conform to the customer's wishes.

Steve Holmes

We see her go with two different clients, one who wants an all-anal time and one who wants some rough sex (to be honest this isn't really that rough).

Charles Dera

After she ends with her second client someone knock at the door and she doesn't really know how to react since she didn't get any information from the computer. But she is intrigued since this is something that she has never seen before... a woman.

Penny Pax

After opening the door she isn't sure of what to do since she got no instruction but she follows the usual program, taking a token and do what the client wants... obviously it's lesbian sex time. The client leads and guide Unit 30562 on how girl girl sex work. Sadly it will end badly for both of them.

Emily Willis

This episode is pretty much an all-sex affair and to make matter worse it starts with anal sex which isn't my cup of tea, so I enjoyed it less than I did for the previous episodes. On the other hand the last lesbian scene was great. Emily Willis did good playing a robot, I really like her expressions when the other woman came to her room and her reaction following the tragic event at the end. Penny Pax is always good in all-girl scene and it wasn't different this time. 

Obviously if you like anal your enjoyment for the first scene will be higher than mine, so don't let my critic turn you off from a good Emily Willis leading performance.

As usual you can get it via the Adult Time streaming service or on DVD/VOD paired with Eyes in the Sky.

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