Thursday, December 31, 2009

Maraschino Cherry (1978)

This film is the last adult film directed by Radley Metzger and despite the fact that it is a more interesting one than Barbara Broadcast, I can't say it's a great film (although a weak Metzger's film is a great one for several directors). My problem with this film is the absence of a real story (ok, there was one but it's a really simple one for someone who has  made Misty Beethoven, Naked Came the Stranger, The Image and Score). So we have a sex film and not a movie with sex scenes in it. Not that those scenes are unerotic or look forced (like most of what has been produced in the last 20 years), but they seem to be there just because ... As I mentioned some of these scenes are particularly successful as the one between Leslie Bovee and Eric Edwards or the one in the dungeon with Leslie Bovee, Gloria Leonard and CJ Laing. Like all the others Metzger's films this one has an interesting cast with Annette Haven, Jenny Baxter, Susan McBain, Clea Carson and Constance Money (as I am a big fan of her and she has two scenes in the film this is great plus) among others.The fact that I'm not the biggest fan of Gloria Leonard certainly plays a role in my lack of enthusiasm also (but I must confess that she looks great on the poster of All About Gloria Leonard that we see constantly During her interview on the DVD).

It is sad to know that this is the only Metzger's film that belongs to Video-X-Pix since the DVD presentation is superb (their logo occasionally appears for 5 seconds maximum, but this is not something that bothers me so much than that). In the extra there is an interesting interview with Gloria Leonard (despite the fact that I am not a fan I always enjoy her interviews or commentaries), the original trailer and many more materials. An exellent restoration work from Video-X-Pix that give me great expectations when I think of all the great classics that are in their vault ...

Obviously this film is available on the website of Video-X-Pix.

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