Thursday, December 17, 2009

All the Senator's girls (1977)

Not every movie deserves to be rediscovered and this film is one of those who would gain by staying hidden. The story deals with a senator who campaigned on an anti-pornography crusade to win his election, but it does not matter because it has nothing to do with what happens. So what is really happening? The Love Boat, but with a group of friends unattractive and  the Senator. So for 50 minutes were going to watch the most boring orgy ever seen and despite the fact they are six women and three men involved in it ... Although the film lasts only 58 minutes it seems endless. Complete waste of time ...

To give you an overview of this group of sexy young people I give you a screenshot ... Sorry

This film is available trough After Hours Cinema in a double pack with The Presidential Peepers a movie with Tina Russell much more interesting than this one.


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