Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All American Girls (1982)

I was really hoping to liked this film after watching its trailer on the 42nd Street Forever trailers compilation from Synapse Films. I must be frank and admit that the film has several positive aspects to please. He has a good budget; it was filmed in England, France, Hong Kong and the United States; the cinematography is impressive; the very underrated Laura Lazare is a part of the movie' cast and the final scene between Jacqueline Lorian and Steven Douglas is highly erotic. My problem is that the film has no real story and every scene is an adventure recounted by the different women present at the reunion meeting. I understand very well that this genre please a lot of fan and if you like this genre usually this one is sure to please you, but this genre is not my cup of tea (when I watch a movie I want to see a story and not a montage of loops).
This film is available trough Excalibur Films on dvd.

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