Saturday, December 19, 2009

Amber Lynn's 976 Hot Line (1987)

Typical Products of the 80s, so no real history here. But as it's the decade when I started watching this type of movie the nostalgia aspect plays a certain role in the apreciation. Well like I said the scenario is somewhat simplistic and goes something like this: Amber Lynn is a businesswoman who owns an 1-976  service and we'll see how she conducts her business (I'd say it was not very deep). Of course almost everything that was produced during this period was an excuse to watch sex on screen (when 80% of your screen time is devoted to these scenes it's difficult to find another reason). On this point the film delivers the goods with Amber Lynn on the top of her form (before her unnecessary breast surgery in the nineties), Blondie Bee (a  typical blonde of this era, but with an annoying voice) and Sharon Mitchell who delivers a solid performance as usual. On the other hand the performance of Tracey Adams (one of my favorite actresses of that period) is very disappointing. The highlight of the film is the scene where Amber Lynn plays with herself in her bathroom talking directly to the viewer (I always found that arousing). While listening the movie I couldn't stop thinking if this movie was not in fact a disguised advertisement for a service of erotic line, but after 22 years the many number mentioned are certainly not functional anymore ...

This film is currently not available on dvd.

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