Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Anna Obsessed (1977)

One of the few films of Constance Money (she is credited in 9 movies, but for Maraschino Cherry and Barbara Broadcast her presence is only deleted scenes from The Opening of Misty Beethoven) and her last one before her short comeback in 1983 in A Taste of Money. This film is in the same line than Misty Beethoven, Sometimes Sweet Susan and The Taking of Christina, a masterpiece of cinema for adults. What we have here is a high quality thriller with a serial rapist who rode and make us felt his presence throughout the film, but we never see him until the very end of the film. The acting is of high quality, but with John Leslie, Annette Haven and Constance Money in the lead roles it isn't really a surprise. This is certainly not a pleasant film to watch (the scene between Leslie and Money is almost enjoyable until the rape flashbacks are incorporate in the scene) and the rape of Constance Money is particularly hard to watch (a gun is used to rape her). A very professionally made film (it's obvious that he was directed by someone famous who didn't want to be recognized) that I highly recommend. But I do not recommend in any way the dvd released by VCA (surprise, surprise ...) with more than 5 minutes of cut materials. I suggest to try to get the video version. The video is also incomplete, but with the exception of an original film print this is the only way to see this film in a way that makes sense.     

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