Sunday, August 25, 2019

Real Men Eat Keisha (1987)

A man follow sexual counseling because he has sex trouble since he can only perform in his fantasies of an oriental maid... fantasy so complex that he also has a fictional wife to go with his illusions.

Jerry Butler, the client
Sharon Mitchell, the therapist
Kristara Barrington, the oriental maid
After their last encounter the therapist consult about the case with a colleague (or her husband this isn't very clear, but the first option make more sense) and it ends in a role play sex session where they play the client and the maid (how it helps is anyone guess).

Sharon Mitchell and Buddy Love
The problem continue for Butler when he calls a sex line and ask the operator if she is Asian which she is (at least she said so) and we are treated with a lesbian encounter involving his phantasm.

Tess Feree and Kristara Barrington
He is so sure that his oriental maid is on the other side of the line that he asks her to come at his home... surprise, she isn't his Asian fantasy woman but Keisha which is much better in my book but not in his.

Jerry Butler and Keisha
While Butler phantasm again, a threesome this time, the therapist consult with a couple who have a big problem. The husband is a voyeur and his only happy when he sees other people making love, the trouble is so big that they want to divorce. No way the therapist wants that to happen so she trick the woman by asking them to make love in her office while she masturbate to help the husband perform... it works.

Robert Bullock and an attractive but unknown actress
Will Butler gets over his make believe fixations at the end? You'll know if you watch it, I won't spoil the end (not that you can't guess already how it will end anyway).

This is one tape I rented back in the days that left me frustrated, why? Because I expected a movie starring Keisha, I mean the title kind of implies it but it isn't the case at all and the Keisha's role is very minor. In fact if you take it as a love letter to Kristara Barrington the film is perfectly enjoyable and I recommend it.

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