Thursday, August 29, 2019

Eleven (1980)

Hal Jordan (Jon Martin) had dreams of a perfect woman and he consult with a psychiatrist (Dale Meador) about them, the doctor set him for consultations with a sex therapist (Bonnie Holiday) to explore a series of phantasms. But will this bring a meet up with the girl of his dreams and does she exist?

Jon Martin
Dale Meador
Bonnie Holiday
Funny how picking film randomly does things... I just watched a movie with the same theme not that long ago, but obviously this is a better production.

This film from the Lewis brothers is well done and to be honest this isn't a surprise... The progression of the fantasy doesn't look random so no feeling of watching a loops carrier that happen so often with those type of film. This is particularly well edited by who know who and well shoot by Ken Gibb probably... not many technical credits are given in the opening titles. A good cast with some big names and some new visages play the fantasy vignettes and Jon Martin, a pioneer from the early days we often forget, does a really good job.

Brenda Vargo, Ken Scudder and Susan Nero
David Morris and Dhaije Taan 
Sonya Summers
Elaine Davis
Did I recommend it? Of course I do, but be ready to see the annoying VCX watermark non stop on the screen...

Brooke West... no discussion here, she's an 11.

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