Sunday, August 18, 2019

Doogan's Woman (1978)

Rick Trencher (a rare starring role for Tony Richards) an European fashion photographer is called back from Spain by Doogan a magazine publisher for a contract. 

Tony Richards
Philip Marlowe, the magazine publisher with Susan McBain
But Trencher doesn't know that something is waiting for him... Annette (Susan McBain) have a revenge plan in her book. A simple plan; meet him at home, start a sexual encounter, cry rape and tell it to her boss (she works for the magazine).

The plan in motion
Finally the plan is a success and Trencher only get low grade porn shootout contract. Which of course brings the most notorious moment from this film.

Who's hungry?
But Trencher will get the last laugh after learning that Annette was a porn performer after a conversation with Rob (Eric Edwards).

Eric Edwards and Tony Richards
Richard Mailer like Shaun Costello did a lot of one or two days shooting production, but the comparison stops here. Let be honest, if it wasn't for the Eric Edwards and Sharon Mitchell bath scene (who is almost ruined by a dumb editing decision) nobody would care about this film after all those years. The story doesn't make much sense, Mailer kind of forget it anyway, and it is more an excuse to filled the screen with sex scenes after sex scenes (some of them aren't that great).

Average at best, but in that case I must say that it worths a watch for the spaghetti shooting... I hope Eric Edwards got a bonus for performing like a pro here....

Original Theatrical poster

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