Sunday, June 2, 2019

Fashion Fantasies (1985)

In this Ron Dorfman's production we follow the adventures of a dress who was at some time in the past owned by Mae West and that dress turns the person wearing it as a "sex machine". So we go from one "owner" to another and the resulting film is quite enjoyable. 

easilly one of the best movie made by Ron Dorfman,  in fact it's a good comedy (wait untill you hear Lili Marlene doing her Mae West impression). Many favorites are part of the cast and the acting is flawless.

Sadly, at the best of my knowledge, this isn't on DVD, so feel free to ask a label to get it from the hands VCA (if they really owns it)... just don't tell them I told you to do so 😎

Lili Marlene and Alan Adrian
Nina Hartley
Robert Bullock and Danielle
George Payne and Sharon Kane
Taija Rae and Paul Thomas
David Morris and Charlie Latour

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