Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Erotika (1994)

After the death of her abusive father in a car accident Ashley (Samantha Strong) decide to quit her home and her Boyfriend (Vince Vouyer) to start a new life. Her trip will bring her from her old town (they never said where it is) to Las Vegas to Los Angeles and finally in the old continent.

One of the few good Garry Graver's films after the end of the golden age, for once we see that he cared about that one and that he had a budget to work with.  Of course we are far from the budget of the films he did in the early eighties, but there is a lot of outdoor shooting and it was shoot on film not on video.

Samantha Strong is of course the star of the film (I think she was a Sin City's contract girl for a while) and she did a good acting job considering that it's a big script. As I say often many actors in the adult industry could have made B-movies easily, in fact many of them are better actors and more natural than a lot of people who appear in those movies.

The only critic I can do about the film is that most of the actresses had breast implants which isn't something I like that much.

This is another movie who never got a DVD release at the best of my knowledge...

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