Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Lady's Bed Companions (1971)

In that anonymously made film John Holmes plays a door to door vibrator salesman and this is pretty much all for the film scenario. 

You know even a very simple scenario like that could make a good movie, but it didn't. Why? Because it's an excuse to show a never ending badly shot group orgy (six person on a small bed isn't that great to watch), really this orgy runs for over 35 minutes in a 50 minutes film. The movie stars Lynn Holmes (she got the only non-orgy scene) and Starlyn Simone which is a plus and there is some fun stuff like the guy (the iafd call him Jim) who came in a record time (20 seconds at most).

But honestly this isn't an essential viewing at all, unless you want to see everything with John Holmes.

Recognize that? After Hours Cinema use that car footages often to copyright their releases.

Jim Mayer without his wife / girlfriend in a film, something unusual but it's a short non-sex role.

John Holmes

Lynn Holmes, Starlyn Simone, George Peters and Susan Westcott.

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