Monday, June 17, 2019

Woman in Love (1981)

Another Kermal Horulu's drama starring Laurien Dominique. 

Christine (Laurien Dominique) is trap in a loveless mariage with her husband (Robert Kerman), see his focus in life is his work which isn't a bad thing per se but... So when Christine start a new job as a boutique salesgirl she will start her quest to find real love. First with Eric (Ron Jeremy) an artist she met at a party (which is of course an orgy) and next with Georgio (Paul Thomas), but none of those are what we can call success. 

Not as good as most Kermal Horulu's but the cast make it an enjoyable viewing. The problem is that at least two scenes looks like filler: the orgy at Georgio De Stefano's house and the where the hell this is coming from very lame s&m group show. Also we see the end coming from a mile.

But on the other hand, Laurien Dominique and Vanessa del Rio are great in this film and we get some very good New York cinematography by Larry Revene.


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  1. Great review Jimmy! You tell the us the good things and bad things of the above film quite well! :)