Monday, February 8, 2010

Jack and Jill (1979)

This time I choose a Chuck Vincent's classic and in the opinion of many his best production. The story can be summed up simply as this: Jack (Jack Wrangler) and Jill (Samantha Fox) are getting ready to celebrate the first anniversary of their couple and taking advantage of the moment decide to add spice to their relationship. From the start we can understand quickly that this film will be a fun watching time with an hilarious role play scene between Jack and Jill. Thereafter they will experience swinging with their best friend couple (Eric Edwards and Merle Michaels). The funniest moment of the film happens when they decide to consult the classifieds ads to find new couples  to swing with when after a series of bizarre encounters a couple (Roger Caine and Vanessa del Rio) come to their home. They are there to act and in the literal sense of the term as they mount a presentation of Romeo and Juliet ... decorations and programs include. Add to this the kidnapping of Jack by two women (Annie Sprinkle and Rikki O'Neal) who made obscene phone calls to his house in the recent days, Jill receiving a slave (George Payne) as an anniversary gift and a case of mistaken identity and you get a great comedy.

A perfect movie with a talented group of actors (this is only the second film of Jack Wrangler that I watched and I must admit he is certainly one of the best actors I have seen in the adult cinema), an incredible chemistry between the two main players and an excellent script. So a highly recommended film.

This film is available on the website of Video-X-Pix. Like 90% of their material this film deserves a special edition, but it isn't part of the list I received from those who will receive the platinum treatment this year. What is sad is that they didn't start their Platinum Collection a few years earlier, since Jack Wrangler died last year ... Just the idea of a Wrangler and Fox reunion to discuss the film would have been incredible.


  1. What films are receiving Special treatment this year? Got the Annie Sprinkle release and its amazing!!


  2. Maraschino Cherry was the first one, there is not as much extra stuff in it than the Annie Sprinkle released but the film itself looks great. Blonde Ambition is the next one to be released, Steven Morowitz told me in our last PM conversation that it is on the printer stage so it will be soon. This one promise to be an awesome release also with the personal involvement of Jon Amero. For the other ones preview for this year I let them do the announce, but I can say that a great double feature I've suggested is in them.