Friday, February 5, 2010

Portrait (1974)

Fortunately after the success of Deep Throat (one of the worst production of the seventies in my opinion) Gerard Damiano has decided to make more serious and interesting films like The Devil in Miss Jones and The Story of Joanna. This film is one of those quality productions, but unlike the two previously mentioned Portrait is a disappeared and forgotten film. What is difficult to understand because it is an high quality production (the best Damiano's film I saw so far) and the first film in the career of Jody Maxwell. The film is set in a psychiatrist's office where Miss Maxwell recounts her problems that seems to be a problem of multiple personalities at her therapist. The film focuses is the character of Jody Maxwell and all the other characters are faceless penises (if we except the comic interlude with Jamie Gillis, Alan Marlowe and Ginger Snaps). The first scene describes an obscene phone call she has received at her home an evening, a scene brilliantly made with the way reality and fiction has been mixed  in it (with a bonus scene of urination coming out of nowhere), the musical choice and the facial performance of the caller (an actor I can not recognize). The comic interlude played like a silent film is a good distraction and once again Jamie Gillis shows what a great actor he is. The film ends on a disconcerting  note because we are no longer sure whether Jody Maxwell really had a problem of multiple personalities or if she was playing from the start with the psychiatrist (another actor I do not recognize). Unfortunately the copy that I own is not that good, the image had a lot of damage (tracking lines, snow, fade to black,...) and the sound is really hard to hear, obviously I would appreciate to see a restored version of this film one day to really appreciate it in all its greatness.
The film isn't available, but if you want to know more about Jody Maxwell or order her book you can contact her at her website.

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  1. Bravo, Jimmy! I think this is a film that needs to be re-released and to be recognized! Jody Maxwell is truly one of the greatest in erotica of all time and being her first x-rated film is a real collector's item. She is very probably sexually the most versatile of any of the greats! She is definitely the very best at oral sex,making it both steamy and fun at the same time. She was picky about her movies, but I have seen all of them I think, and she never holds back in any of them. She is so hot that she makes the girls today look like they are going through the motions. Recently, I joined her facebook page and she seems to be an intelligent, sexy babe. I asked her about Portrait and she said she loved making the movie! She is a trained actress and beautiful too. About 3 years ago Hustler wrote that she was a true star in porn when the word "star" meant something. I agree!