Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Fire in Francesca (1977)

Today I choose a detective movie and no it is not a Johnny Wadd, but something more interesting. This is one of the three films directed by Shaun Costello featuring Dan McCord (Roger Caine). Like Dirty Susan (the first Dan McCord movie) this film uses a strong narrative style to counter the low budgetary limitations (we talk of a one day wonder here, a genre of which Costello was the master) and the major events are recounted in flashback. Following the death of Francesca Farrell (Patty Boyd), McCord is hired by Troy Winston (Costello) to find her diary. Obviously, what seems like a simple case isn't and a surprise awaits McCord during its investigation. What makes this film interesting is the performance of Patty Boyd as the film itself isn't that great because of the obvious lack of funding. But as she has three scenes in the short 59 minutes that lasts this movie it's rather easy to overlook its weaknesses. This is not the film of the century but if you're a fan of Patty Boyd you will surely appreciate.

This film is included in the Shaun Costello Collection sold by Alpha Blue Archives, but it is worth noting that the price is prohibitive and the video quality leaves much to be desired. But since this is the only way to get this movie the best thing to do is to take advantage of their discount by ordering two or more sets at the same  time.

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