Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Barbie's Fantasies (1974)

Today I have chosen something a little bit less known and those who know me already for my other movie reviews know how I usually love those movies. This is the first film of Jenny Lane, who was in Winter Heat a film already reviewed here. I must admit that Miss Lane is the main reason to watch this movie despite the fact that Jamie Gillis has a role in this one and that Sue Kelly is a pretty blonde (unless it's an alias this film seems to be her only one). The story is rather simple and consists of a series of encounters between Vicky (Jenny Lane) and her guru (Jeffrey Hurst) who speaks with a  ridiculous Indian accent where she recounts her sexual adventures. Unfortunately most of those adventures are not pleasant to look at which is sad since Jenny Lane is incredibly beautifull in this film. But when a man is full of tattoos wrongly done or a woman had a panda tattooed on her thigh or an actor seems to be 16 years old (we did not see his face but his body and his voice shout I am a teenager) I find it difficult to stay interested. Not to mention the conclusion that we see coming from the first meeting between Vicky and her guru. It's a shame because with a better looking supporting cast this film would be enjoyable to watch since it is well filmed and Jenny Lane is the perfect naive girl next door.
This movie isn't available on dvd.

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