Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981)

For the first time since this film was showned at the movie theatres we finally get an uncensored presentation of this classic. I must say it's like watching a new movie because I had only seen it previously on VHS with a missing scene and a visual quality more than doubtful. I must admit that despite the fact that I usually prefer the adult films with a story that has not detracted  me from the pleasure felt watching this movie. The film is a presentation by Annie Sprinkle of what her life is like. She has chosen to do so to use  performers  she knows and frequents in her real life. Each moments of the film is built around a particular fetish, so there's something for everyone. So we got regular scenes, a lesbian orgy scene, a masturbation scene, a breast fetish scene, an anal scene with anallingus included and, for the first time since the version presented in theaters, the golden shower scene. Speaking of golden shower this is certainly the most erotic presentation of this fetish ever shown on screen (the fact that Mal O'Ree was her boyfriend at the time was the reason). Another memorable moment was the masturbation scene where Miss Sprinkle reach an orgasmic  climax rarely seen on screen. The remaining scenes are also well conceived, but the lesbian orgy lasted a little  bit too long for my taste.

Again the presentation on DVD from Video-X-Pix is impeccable and beyond reproach (the other label would gain to get their inspiration from them for their classic films dvd) with a really informative commentary track by Annie Sprinkle herself (presented in another disc in an image on image format (I must say that Miss Sprinkle is still beautiful and has aged very well), a 38 minutes session of questions and answers on a third disc and the original trailer completely restored. To summarize, an essantial disc to the collection of any  serious collector or amateur of adult film classic.

I must admit that Video-X-Pix since they started their Platinum Collection is becoming "the label" for the serious fans of classic cinema (actually except for them and After Hours Cinema no other label shows that much respect for their materials). You can prepare yourself for a great year with them with several  classic titles program for the platinum treatment that will please every lovers of classic cinema.
This movie is available through the Video-X-Pix website.

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