Monday, January 11, 2010

Prisoner of Pleasure (1980)

For a film produced for the Avon theater this one is a bit disappointing. Not that the production is not interesting since this film is directed by Shaun Costello (using the alias Jack Hammer). But the disappointment is the fact that compared with their usual productions this film is relatively low in violent sex and, to be honest, this is the main reason to watch an Avon Films production. There is a scene that is worthy to wear the label Avon at the end when Elizabeth Gray (her only role) is suspended by the arms and all those present are striking  her ass until it become red and hurt. The rest is nothing unusual and we have to go through a scene of stump fucking  again since Jean Silver is in this film (which is not my cup of tea at all). The actresses artistic performance leaves much to be desired (Patrice LaPerle certainly seems no more traumatized than necessary by her kidnapping), but Ashley Moore (the boss of the kidnappers) and Dave Ruby (his lines sure make me laugh) does a good job.

This film is available in the Avon Dynasty - 1980's boxset from Alpha Blue Archives, but I can't really recommanded it since it is quite expensive (149,95 $US) to buy.

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