Sunday, January 10, 2010

Never Sleep Alone (1983)

Like The Virgin And The Lover the only other film of Kemal Horulu I've watched, I've also greatly appreciated this one. What we have here is exactly what I love in an adult film production : highly erotic, romantic, with a real case scenario and sex scenes that do not seem forced. So this is a couple film... The story is about a couple (John Leslie and Tina Marie) who lives an open marriage and seem to live perfectly happy with this arrangement until the arrival of Natalie (Joanna Storm) who will jolt their strong relationship. The story at first sight can seem somewhat simplistic, but this is not the case since it takes a surprising turn in the second half and it ends unexpectedly (although we have some doubt due to the film introduction) and violently (implied, not really on screen). The acting is excellent and because of this, we have no difficulty to believe the characters of John Leslie and Tina Marie are really in love. Joanna Storm and Joey Silvera (for once) are equally credible in their roles. I have particularly enjoyed the first scene between John Leslie and Tina Marie that had made me think of Metzger because Tina Marie keeps her dress for the whole relationship and it's quite common in the films of Radley Metzger (obviously the fact it takes place with the same music used in the final of The Private Afternoon of Pamela Mann strongly help). Except for a scene with Leslie, Honey Wilder, Chelsea, Manchester and Sharon Kane who is unnecessary and adds nothing to the story the film is rather successful. This certainly gives me the desire to try the other films directed by Kemal Horulu.
This film is available through the VCX website.


  1. Hi Jimmy,
    do you know if the director's name was really kemal hurolu or if this was a synonym? I've only seen his earlier SOME LIKE IT VIOLENT. was he in fact a turk?

  2. We can't never be sure, since most europeans used americanized name in the US but it's sure not one. It looks like he had used the same name all his career (with a little variation for his second one, who looks like a Barry Mahon nudie cutie), so it's a good guess to think it's his real name (no real change when he did the transition from exploitation to hardcore).

    BTW if you want to see something else directed by him try Virgin and the Lover that I consider his best one (more softcore than hardcore, but for me it isn't really a big deal).

    Do you know if Some Like it Violent is available somewhere? It Looks like a NY roughies to me, few of them are really good but since I like his other works it worths a try.

  3. Only other aka I know of is Kem Horalu From IMDb no aka at iafd

  4. Shoot I forgot there is a Vinegar Syndrome restoration out. VS-173

    • Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original camera negative
    • Extensive audio interview with actress Joanna Storm
    • Original theatrical trailer

  5. Having got it yet (it's one of the few I missed and must buy at the black friday sale), but you can't go wrong with a VS release.