Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Liya l'indecente (2021)


I haven't watch a french film in a while and since I just took a one year subscription to Dorcel Club (the deal was hard to refuse) I had a lot of choices. Finally I went for one the few narrative film starring Liya Silver.

One morning while doing his jogging Alberto (Alberto Blanco) finds an unconscious woman (Liya Silver) on the beach and he decides to bring her at his home.

Liya Silver and Alberto Blanco

When she woke up we learn that she had lost her memory, but Alberto tells her to not worry and that she can stay there until her memory come back. His girlfriend being at work this won't be a problem if she stays... even less considering that her work must be quite long since we will never saw her in the movie. She goes to take a shower and when it's over Alberto can't resist and he must sleep with her, easy to understand as she wears the outfit from the DVD cover.

Nick Ross, Katrina Moreno and Tommy Cabrio

When the scene is over we switch to another couple, we don't know who they are or how they are related to the story. All we know for now is that Nick is a real estate agent and that he will have a threesome with a couple to whom he have a house to sell... since the wife is Katrina Moreno it's hard to complain.  

Anastasia Brokelyn and Liya Silver

Finally the couple isn't unrelated since Anastasia is a psychiatrist that will treat Liya after she calls her. But we get more than a therapy since that sexy black dress is hard to resist. Anastasia keeps her client special treatment secret from her husband who isn't faithful either as we had already seen and she will see it too later that night when Nick will be visited by a very non discreet woman at his home.

Ariana Van X


The following morning Anastasia left her home to meet Liya again, but Alberto is here this time and you guess it... another threesome. Will Liya's memory come back and will we finally learn who she is? Nope I won't tell you...

Liya Silver

The film was quite enjoyable and the fact that Alis Locanta took the decision to not use any dialogue plays a good role in this, as we know most European productions are dubbed since the actresses are mostly East European and sometimes even without dubbing this is an accent festival, so all we get is a narrator who tell us the story. The film is all about Liya Silver so if you want to watch a great vehicle with the most beautiful Russian actress (she's just perfect, her tattoos add to her beauty since they are art and not random drawings) this is the film you will want to see. Only one scene have a filler vibe but it involves Katrina Moreno so I can live with it. Sexually talking I've nothing negative to say since the five of them are great.

As I said you can watch the film on the Dorcel Club or Xillimit√© if you are a member, if not you can easily buy it on VOD or DVD pretty much everywhere. Don't worry for the french narration since the Marc Dorcel's production are available in french, english, spanish and even more if you watch them via their streaming service. 

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