Thursday, September 10, 2020

Russian Roulette (1995)

A rare detour out of my comfort zone since the nineties is far from being my favorite decade in the genre, but that one sounded interesting so let see if it was the case.

We start with Chris (Houston) coming back in the US after doing a plane run to some South American country for a drug deal.

Houston, Alec Metro
Houston and Alec Metro
She is a drug runner for Myles (Dick Nasty) a criminal who is under surveillance by the city district attorney (Mike Horner) office. After some good times with her boyfriend (Alec Metro) this is time for the drug delivery to the boss. This is when she tells him that it is her last delivery and that Myles announces that he goes to most profitable businesses... guns deal with the Russians.

Dick Nasty
After that encounter and more, we see a taxi arriving at a mansion... time to meet two more characters, Viktor who works for Myles and Svetlana his bride to be. Of course this isn't so simple, Viktor is a traitor and he will blackmail his boss for more money.

Keisha and Marc Wallice
Back at the district attorney office we learn that Hattaway, the D.A., is doing all this operation for the advancement of his political career (he will use the arrest for his Congress campaign) while he discuss in private with Kelly Tremayne who is the detective in charge of the operation.

Victoria Paris
Myles panic and talk on the phone with the Russians about the treason from his man which will bring not only a bad ending for Viktor blackmailer career but will reveal everything about the Russian deal to the investigators. 

Valeria and T.T. Boy
From there a big game of cat and mouse start who will culminate after a lot of captures from the cops and the Russians in a all cast encounter, a game of Russian roulette and the death of two characters.

Tiffany Million
For a film from that period that was quite enjoyable, the script was very good (certainly enough for a B movie), there was no fillers, the acting was not bad at all (if we forget the accents of course) and the sex without being groundbreaking wasn't the same routine repeated over and over. The big negative is certainly the soundtrack, the instrumental score is sure awful and distracting (except for the techno track used for the scene between Valeria, T.T. Boy and Nick East that fits the action perfectly).

Mike Horner
All this praising doesn't mean that I recommend a DVD purchase since there is zero extra to make this worthwile, but it certainly good enough for a renting and if you own a GameLink unlimited account you can watch it for free.

To close the review I must add better film capture of Keisha and Victoria Paris...

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