Thursday, September 3, 2020

69 Sunset Strip (1973)

As the copyright states this film is part of a Alpha Blue Archives release, to be more specific it's part of the Lost Films of Orita De Chadwick quadruple features.

This film made by an uncredited director (sure happened more frequently on the West Coast productions in the early seventies than on the East Coast) follow Sam Shovel, a private investigator, in one of his case. 

Rock Crusher... obviously an alias
Right from the start we follow the old TV show structure with the narration from Shovel who tell us what he does. He his hired by Barbara Nichols who suspect her husband of cheating since they haven't had sex since the last two months.

Clara Bower
The P.I. takes the case and, for someone who doesn't appreciate the idea of a cheating husband, Barbara seal the deal with a sex exchange with Shovel.

He starts his investigation at the Club 69 because it's the perfect place to get the require sex quota for the production and certainly not the perfect place to investigate since it doesn't make a difference in the case.

William Michaels and an unknown actress
We get a sex show (with a silly dance first) on stage and, something I never had the pleasure to experience in a club, an oral sex orgy between the club waitresses and the entire male clientele.

Orita De Chadwick
After this interlude it's time to get back to the story and we see Barbara's husband with his mistress in an apartment ready for the suspected cheating.

Thad Watson and Penny King
Sam Shovel returns to meet Barbara with the photographic evidences of her husband adultery (where and how he took the pictures is a mystery) and Barbara rewards him with another sexual relation. The end...

Clara Bower and Rock Crusher
The film sure isn't a classic, but it was enjoyable and never wear out its welcome since it's a 54 minutes film. If you expect a film starring Orita De Chadwick please don't since she is only in the club oral sex scene, but on the other hand Clara Bower who played the cheated wife is pleasing on the eyes. Talking of casting I would had picked someone else to play the detective since the guy looks like an escapee of the Deliverance set and his tool isn't that impressive for an adult film performer.

You can buy the complete DVD set from Alpha Blue Archives or buy it on VOD from Gamelink, just be warned that being an ABA release the quality isn't on the high spectrum but it isn't that bad for them.

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