Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Love Is A Dangerous Game (2011)

Love Is A Dangerous Game is couple movie, like all the titles in the New Sensations' Romance line, directed by Eddie Powell and written by Jacky St. James before she became a movie director herself.

The movie doesn't waste time to throw us in the action as we start with a couple running from a killer threatening them in a house and when they realized it will be the end soon the couple decide to go out with a bang.

Alyssa Branch and Xander Corvus
This sound cliché and ridiculous, but there is a good reason for this... this isn't part of the film but it is in fact a book that Paulina is reading.

Natasha Nice
Paulina is a children books author and she wants to write better materials than this and who would blame her for that. So she goes to meet her agent to tell him that she doesn't want to write that genre of literature and that she took the decision to write an horror novel.

Steve Crest 
To learn how to write horror Paulina decides to contact Wes Mueller the author of the book she was reading in the beginning. It doesn't go as well as planned since Mueller isn't really pleased by her calls until he realizes that she is the author of Molly the Meerkat the favorite book of his niece.

Richie Calhoun
They decide to work together and that displease Paulina's sister a lot since she thinks Mueller is mentally unstable and dangerous. To prove her point Sara and her husband give a magazine to Paulina with a front page talking about Mueller mental breakdown.

Kimberly Kane
This works since Paulina starts to worried about Mueller to the point of not taking his calls anymore. Of course it won't continue this way and after a while Mueller shown up at her door (he got the address from her agent). He explains the magazine front page and all his forgotten.

They decide to go at Sara's house for a dinner and have some fun at their expense and everything end well for everybody.

This is exactly the type of film to use when you want to show to your partner that adult films are more than just sex. The film have an erotic movie vibe which make sense since it was shoot not only as an hardcore production but also as a softcore film for the Showcase TV network. The story, even if it's a by the book romance story line, is enjoyable and flow naturally. The acting is particularly good for a soft TV movie and the camera works look professional.

Kelly Klass
On the other hand those high points could be a negative for the usual watcher... The actions is often framed with the soft edit in mind so you don't get that many close up or extreme sex scenes.

For me this isn't a big deal, but if it's for you renting the movie would certainly be a better idea than buying it. The DVD includes extra materials but since I own the Video on Demand version I can't comment on those. As usual I got the film from Gamelink but you can probably find it at your usual online store.

Natasha Nice got a well deserved best actress nomination at the 2013 AVN Award for her role and the film won the 2012 XBiz Awards for the Couples-Themed Release of the Year.

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