Sunday, July 19, 2020

Closing Time (2019)

Whitney (Whitney Wright) and Lacy (Lacy Lennon) are the two bartenders at the Last Call Tavern, the business aren't that great anymore since a new Irish pub opened near the tavern and Tommy (Tommy Pistol) must bring back the crowd or else.

Whitney Wright and Lacy Lennon
Lacy is a nice professional barmaid, but Whitney is the barmaid who flirt with the clients, sleep on the side and who is ready to do anything to become the tavern manager. One night Whitney overhear a conversation between Tommy and the bar owner that will give her the chance she was waiting for.

Ryan McLane and Tommy Pistol
Ryan hired a consultant named Melissa who will meet Tommy to talk about what they can do to revive the tavern.

Bridgette B
To no one surprise Tommy and Melissa share more than businesses advices, but things aren't always what they seem to be. The girl isn't the real one hired to help but a different woman who take the money and run at the conclusion of their sexual encounter... told you that Whitney saw her chance to move. Obviously Tommy is fired for this.

Seth Gamble and Lacy Lennon
For a while it's business as usual at the club. Lacy finally decides to go on a date with a client who has an offer for her at the end of their date and Whitney being Whitney goes to work on getting the available managing position.

After this convincing argument she gets the managing job but when Whitney try the respect my authority trick on Lacy later things don't go as planned. Lacy announce that she quit her job as she gets an offer to works in the finance industry... remember her date. The end!

This isn't the most story driven movie but it was enjoyable for what it was. The narrative goes fast without fillers and the two main actresses do a good job with their role. It was nice to finally see Lacy Lennon in something else than a side role since she's not a bad actress and she's certainly cute. Don't put too much hope on the "to be continued" ending, the film was made more than a year ago and the sequel haven't happened yet... too bad because I would have like to see what Whitney would do with the job she doesn't deserve to have and how Lacy would be in the financial world.

Not something I'd call a must buy but it sure worth a rent.

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