Thursday, February 3, 2022

Playing the Part (2022)


Another recent release this time from MissaX. To be honest fake incest isn't my favorite genre of adult cinema, but since Ricky Greenwood directed the film and it stars Maya Woulfe one of the best actress in the industry (an actress who should have won the Best New Starlet Award last January at the AVN, but sometimes the AVN happens in bizarro world... remember 1991 and Jennifer Stewart? She won against Ashlyn Gere, Racquel Darian and Zara White and her career was already over that day). But enough ranting

Brad Newman and Maya Woulfe

Lisa is preparing for an audition and her father (step father but you know my stance on this) being supportive cheers her up and gives her some advice. The following day she goes to her audition and, obviously, she returns with a good news... she got the role!

Maya Woulfe and Brad Newman

After sharing the news Lisa goes to her room and her father joins her after a while. They discuss the role and slowly but surely the duo become intimate and that leads to you know what...

Why I love her since the first time I saw her? That beautiful smile and those smiling eyes

Like I said I'm not the biggest fan of those fake incest movie, I just don't see the point since step siblings sex isn't incest but I can appreciate an incest theme film when it's well done and in this case it was. Indeed the script gave all the time needed (some would say that it's too slow moving but I sure ain't one of those) for Maya and Brad acting to shine... mark my words, someday Maya will be a big star doing long narrative films. The chemistry between the two actors is very good from start to finish and Brad Newman plays a credible loving and caring father. The sex is quite erotic and you feel the love between the father and daughter, this isn't just a "let's fuck" scene but real love. 

Ricky Greenwood starts the new year on a good note with this film and I recommend it. At this time the film is exclusive on the MissaX streaming service but it will be purchasable on VOD from MissaX on Demand at the end of the month (the 26 to be precise). 

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