Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Deranged (2022)


Something rare these days in the industry, a feature film from a new director, OK second if we count The Red Room but I don't since I said feature and The Red Room was a loops carrier with four repetitive vignettes (visually stunning but each of them were exactly like the others with a different actress). 

Maddy May

Charlie Hayes (Kenzie Taylor) is a criminal psychologist who study Joseph Curwen (Tommy Pistol) a serial killer, when she learns that he was arrested she wants to be assigned to his case immediately and when Charlie wants something she got it. She will have access to the prisoner thanks to her charms...

Derrick Pierce and Kenzie Taylor

She gets her time alone with Curwen but quickly we see that she isn't there for a typical prisoner interview and that Charlie wanted this assignment for a personal motive. The security is quite relaxed in this jail considering that Curwen and her will have sex with no one bothering them. After getting what she wanted from the killer she left him (kind of, contrary to Wicked I won't spoiled the movie for you).

Tommy Pistol
Kenzie Taylor

Following the interview Charlie returns to her home and we will learned more about her via a flashback of her teenage years and an encounter with a cult leader and one of his disciple. Obviously you must use your suspension of disbelief to imagine Lily Larimar as a young Kenzie Taylor, at first I thought she was her sister since there are a likeness between the two. Now I can't tell you more about the encounter or I would ruin the film.

Lily Larimar, Jane Wilde and Mick Blue

First thing first... that was hard to resume the film without saying too much. For a second feature I must say that Seth Gamble really did a good directing job, One thing for sure this is miles above The Red Room in term of quality and enjoyment. The story is quite interesting and surprising as long as you watch it blindly (seriously Axel don't spoil everything in the synopsis). Tommy Pistol is as great as he always is (he didn't won the Best Leading Actor award for no reasons at the last AVN Awards) and he sure have the perfect look for the role. Kenzie Taylor was also amazing but I know that she's a good actress since I have watched Captain Marvel a couple of years ago. The flashback was also a good idea and Lily Larimar really did a good job a playing both sides of Charlie. Obviously the most important reason for most of my readers to watch an adult film is the sex scenes and you don't have to worry here... not a single one of them wasn't enjoyable but two are particularly enjoyable: the prison interview and the flashback. Now I have two small critics... why the absence of technical credits? the film is well written and shot so why not credit the writer and the cinematographer? More important, why not showing the violence? On screen violence isn't a forbidden taboo so cutting abruptly when it happened kind of ruin the idea of a movie about a serial killer.

Codey Steele

It sure worth a watch in my book and at this time the film is exclusive on the Wicked streaming service, but they are usually fast to make their films available for purchase on VOD everywhere. 

2022 should be a very good year for Wicked with the new Ricky Greenwood's horror banner, the return of Stormy Daniels in the directing chair, a promising Seth Gamble and, I hope, a sequel to Captain Marvel (not based on the shitty concept that Marvel plans to do but an original follow up to Kenzie Taylor's film).

Some additional details concerning my review

This is the first half of a series so my critic about the lack of credits isn't relevant,

I forgot that Wicked is now part of Gamma and the company always play safe so that explain the shyness with the violence,

Finally the second half of the series will be release in April (don't know the exact date but I'll review it when the four episodes will be completed). 

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