Monday, May 3, 2021

He'll Never Know (2021)


We start the feature with two nurses, Evangeline (Aiden Ashley) and Victoria (Judy Jolie), on their lunch break talking about guys. Evangeline is married with a kid and live a quiet life with her family, on the hand Victoria who is separated from her husband is in a totally different situation.

Aiden Ashley and Judy Jolie

At some point during the conversation Evangeline bring a shocker... she's talking with a guy on a dating app and plans to meet him, seriously considering how she reacted previously this wasn't expected. Victoria warn her friend that she could suffer big consequences if she decide to cheat her husband with that man, but Evangeline decide to go with her plan as she say "What he doesn't know won't hurt him".

The first thing she does when she arrives at the house of her date is to go to the bathroom to call her husband telling him that she is at the gym and will be late. From there you know what's coming... but we get an husband calls bonuses and we end with a maybe he knows or maybe he doesn't ending (to be honest I'd let that one time adventure slip if I was her husband and play the I don't know game).

Ryan McLane

Obviously this is a small Ricky Greenwood project to keep us happy while we are waiting for the werewolves horror film coming soon he did with Aiden. But even if it's mostly a scene for the streaming service this is well done, this is very erotic (seriously with some edit that could easily be broadcasted on a cable adult network) and Aiden acting is awesome as always. At the best of my knowledge this is the first time she and Ryan McLane work together and they have a good chemistry.

Not necessary a must buy for most viewers... but if you like Aiden Ashley as much as I do this is a different story. She's the best actress currently in the industry and if she is in an acting role I must watch, no question ask. 

This is exclusive on the MissaX streaming service so you can stream the film if you are a member and if not you can buy it directly from them. Sure worth the money for me...

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