Thursday, May 6, 2021

Third Wheel


Elizabeth (Siri Dahl) and Terri (Lena Paul) are a married couple who try to start a family but all their previous attempts failed and they don't have the money anymore for another artificial insemination procedure. So they decide to go for the real thing and Terri convinces Jordan (Troy Francisco) an old friend of her to work his magic on her wife.

Siri Dahl

Elizabeth who have never been with a man in her life is far from being comfortable with the idea of having a sexual relation with a guy to become pregnant (to be honest I sure can see why) and she have a mental breakdown before anything start.

Lena Paul

Terri quickly goes to talk with Elizabeth in the next room to say that she will stay with them to help and take care of her. She's reassured and goes with the plan without much enthusiasm, but they want a baby so there aren't much choices.

Troy Francisco

The process starts and Terri takes care of Elizabeth as she said she will, but after a while she became more and more involved in the actions... starting with oral sex on Jordan and she will take complete penetration even if she isn't the one who will carry the kid. Nothing will goes as expected...

Some could disagree but I think this one fit perfectly with the taboo nature of the label, you have a gay married couple who wants a kid but doesn't have any other choices than going over the fear of the opposite sex (at least for Elizabeth the would be mother). Siri is great in this feature, always staying in character and it's clear that she gets no pleasure from this at all and I felt sad for her when the movie ended. Too bad she doesn't get more acting part because she is a good actress. Lena Paul isn't bad too in her manipulating partner role and Troy Francisco doesn't have much chances to shine acting wise since he doesn't much to do. As usual with the Pure Taboo the end is open ended and I sure hope that Elizabeth wise up and wake up to what happened in the unseen conclusion...  I recommend this one.

As usual it's exclusive on the Pure Taboo / Adult Time streaming service at the time of my review.

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