Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Strictly Professional


Another week done so it's time for a new Pure Taboo web scene directed by David Lord this time...

Ashley (Bella Rolland) is doing her secretary works when her boss (Mike Mancini) enter the room and, to no one surprise, starts a charm routine with his secretary. But she doesn't fall for it, she won't have sex with her boss and even less a married one.

Bella Rolland

Things could stop here but that wouldn't do a very good story right... So the following days she can't stop thinking about David but the problem is always the same, he is a married man. She decides to follow his wife (Goldie Glock) to find a justification to the relation with the boss.

Goldie Glock

She catch the wife in her teaching class and they start talking, but no much dirt to find there since she gives a course to help women to become CEO. They leave the class and Ashley follows her in a coffee shop... yep the same one from Gray Area and No Regrets. This is where she will gets the justification needed when Megan takes money from a wallet she picks before returning it to his rightful owner (Shawn Alff).

Shawn Alff

With this new knowledge that David's wife isn't a perfect angel Ashley returns at work. This time the roles are reversed since she's the one who will do the move on the boss and he certainly won't refuse the advance. 

Mike Mancini

What follows is a hot scene in which Ashley is the one in command, ending with a deception for her... but seriously what did she thought would happen?

This one was much better than the two previous scenes directed by David Lord I have reviewed. It doesn't go the way those story line usually goes, at least not from the start. You have a conflicted character and a not too shitty boss after the rejection of his sexual advance. Obviously the selling point of the scene for me is Bella Rolland, one of the few tall woman in the industry... she can act, her legs are awesome, her feet are to die for (sadly we don't see them here) and she would be the perfect choice to play Wonder Woman. Mike Mancini plays his part well too, but I wasn't impress by the sexual part (everybody can have a bad day). Obviously the camera works by David Lord and Sal Genoa is faultless since they are veteran. I put my recommended sticker on the scene even if some could complain about the lack of taboo, but sexual harassment at work sound taboo enough for me and, to be honest, do we really need a thousandths step family scene?

You know the drill already... the scene is available exclusively on the Adult Time / Pure Taboo streaming service at this time since it was released today...

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